Our values



It is a value of each team member to work with righteousness, always fulfilling the objectives in strict compliance with the law, in order to generate a common benefit.


In each of our areas, the firm operates with truthfulness and justice, thus consolidating a trustworthy relationship with our clients and suppliers.


Our goal is to generate a loyal relationship with customers, so our services are based on quality, respect, closeness and humility.


We always seek to transmit and generate trust, which is why we stand out as a firm focused on results, demonstrating our dedication and capacity in each project.

About MexStrategy

We are a firm that offers strategies and solutions in public affairs and political consulting, based on economic, legal and regulatory analysis that guarantee each of our services with security and certainty.

Our philosophy is based on presenting models to prevent problems and to solve the existing ones, always leaving the client well positioned before the authorities, and mitigating legislative and regulatory risks that could harm their business model. This is fulfilled with complete respect to our ethical and legal principles.


We have a unique team for specific issues.

Our diverse group of experts in public, regulatory, economic and legal affairs work together to help companies face and overcome the challenges that the government and its public policies may generate.


National and international political uncertainty


Politics worldwide are changing the inner workings of society.

Our generation is witnessing the great political transitions that have revolutionized the world and that, together with the pandemic, reveal the new path of public life.

This entails, as a priority, a healthy and close relationship between the public and private sectors to pursue the satisfaction of social interests and achieve better economic development and functioning.

In Mexico, the private sector needs good representation and advice before regulators, which facilitates sustainable growth in the corresponding field.