What do we do?

We offer strategic political consulting services, public affairs, regulatory and economic analysis and monitoring to the public and private sectors to achieve effective bonding and communication with decision makers.

Public Affairs


We advise and guide our clients through the process of approaching and consolidating prosperous relationships with authorities and representatives aimed at the optimization and guidance in the decision-making process towards the best results in policy matters. Guaranteed results include:

Positioning of our client’s issues before the different authorities in the Executive and representatives in Legislative branches of public power.

Creation of spaces so your different subject matters find an echo in the public agenda.

​Coordinated execution of the designed strategy.

Selection of key messages towards the exterior.

​Preservation of relationships with relevant stakeholdereservationrs (government relations).

Detailed recommendation on the ideal political moments for strategies execution.

Promotion of the company in relevant spaces that add value to the joint strategy and seek shared agendas; both, in the private and public sectors, analyzing economic and social impacts.

Strategic Policy Consulting


We support the building process and execution of strategies designed to propose enhancements, efficiencies and risk mitigation alternatives based on the specific context of the matter and the client, in order to recognize and effectively influence the public agenda. In political consulting we include:


Comprehensive diagnosis of the context.

Multiple strategies to maximize benefits and mitigate risks.

Creation of government plans.

Design, implementation and evaluation of public policies.

Identification of stakeholders and Public Agenda.

Approach with stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

Technical support for the appropriate use of political language.

Document drafting to achieve effective communication.

Comprehensive guidance to legislators and public servants at the federal and local levels.

* The political consulting service includes regulatory and economic analysis for the client.

Economic and Regulatory Analysis


We analyze in detail the economic, social, demographic and cultural context to find a robust support that allows us to develop solid projects aimed at maximizing benefits, reducing costs and mitigating associated risks.


On the one hand, the regulatory analysis seeks to:

Achieve competitiveness and transparency through regulation.

Write clearly and precisely the subject to be analyzed, in order to avoid inadequate interpretations.

​Study, develop and expose the best international practices to eliminate over-regulation or obstacles to industries and services.

​Work together with the client to seek an optimal regulatory impact.

Draft bills, initiatives or amendments to laws and regulations based on an empirical analysis so that their implementation guarantees a better citizens’ life quality.

Analyze in a comprehensive legal way any issue that complements the previous services.

On the other hand, the economic analysis seeks to:

Strengthen the arguments about a certain issue.

Measure the effect of governmental or legislative activity on GDP, inflation, tax collection, competitiveness, employment, education, health, sustainability, development and economic growth, among other indicators.

Evaluate the impact over the supply or demand of any product or service derived from government action.

Carry out comparative analysis on regulatory and industry-specific matters to assume international best practices.

Work together with our clients to present economic information to political stakeholders in an appropriate way.

​Monthly report changes in the main economic and financial indicators.

​Analyze the public finances at federal and local levels.



Information and analysis deliverance in a timely, selective, reliable and efficient manner through personalized tools allowing the client to stay up to date with the most relevant topics in their field.


Federal legislative activities.

Local legislative activities.

Changes in public service at federal and local levels.

​Publications in the Official Gazette of the Federation and in local gazettes.

Stakeholder profiles of the Executive and Legislative branches.

Technical notes by federal state (composition of the Congress and local cabinet).

Relevant Notes, Reports and Studies.

Legal Services


We are dedicated to defending, strengthening and growing our clients’ businesses. We attend to the most complex and sophisticated matters in the practice of law in the areas of:





We are leaders in the main sectors of the industry:



Real Estate

Financial Services



Public Services

Others that require the personalized attention, specialization and prestige of MXS



We are not a standard firm. We focus on what is important to our clients: we listen to them in detail, we understand the needs and complexities of their industry and business. We foresee contingencies and create opportunities.

At MXS we offer smart, creative, and comprehensive solutions, guaranteeing our clients have the best-prepared team of lawyers by their side, willing to achieve success in their businesses.

Our service stands out for our ability to generate strategies beyond the legal approach, we analyze the financial, political and social context of our issues to generate added value seeking practical, effective and immediate results.

We make the best we have available to our clients: our work team made up of cutting-edge lawyers, with experience and creative vision, dedicated to offering legal services of excellence.